Photo: Janine Kromminga

Please check on my CV

I have been studying visual communication at the art schools of Krefeld and Bielefeld. Through these Studies my focus was also dedicated to culinary communication, my field of experience and passion job of now a day.

More than 10 years I have been working in Bielefeld in a well known advertising agency. My profession there lead me from food commercials to the professional handling of food styling. Since than I have been adding more and more experience to the learning curve of food knowledge.

My pretension is to create new concepts, which are impressing and showing ambitious dishes in a natural and perfect scene.

With all creativity it is my first wish to fulfil my customer’s needs. If you wish I will start my work with the grocery, continue to organize and coordinate the Food styling session according to my mission ´s motto:

„Created by hand made for a visual dream”

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